Are You Sick and Tired of Being in the Wrong Relationship?

"How to Identify (& keep)
Your Soulmate"

Star of Connection

 Techniques of Soulmate Identification Made Easy!

Many of you have been lead to believe there is just one soulmate - or maybe two. In reality, there are many soulmates available to us - AND there is a proven method to help you identify soulmates.

You also need to understand the management of being with a Soulmate - to strengthen and grow your connection. Soulmate connections can be tricky. Unless you know the essential ingredients for your Soulmate recipe - you can quite easily push each other away with the fears and judgments you carry over from previous relationships.

Have you ever felt a connection with someone across a crowded room - really felt something there - but you felt too shy to introduce yourself? This can quite often be a soulmate connection. Chances are, they felt this connection as well as you.

How often have you stayed on the other side of the room, wishing you had the courage to say hello... and feeling worse as the night wore on, because you still hadn't made a move? And then you leave, without uttering a word - and feel awful because (once more) you have let yourself down? Have you had enough of not feeling good enough?

What if you developed the inner courage to believe in you? And felt good enough within yourself to introduce yourself to this person? What would happen then? You could enter into a Soulmate relationship!

Imagine how it would it feel if you:

  • Had learned the techniques to attract and identify your soulmate - so you KNEW you were with the right person?

  • Felt confident in knowing how to understand yourself and your soulmates’ needs - instead of chasing them away with your fears?

  • Felt confident to manage and strengthen your soulmate connection - by easily moving thru any emotional pain triggered by your soulmate?

  • Knew how to rekindle your current relationship for life - instead of ending up in the divorce court, or miserable?

  • Knew how to release past emotional baggage so you could feel free - and continue to be pain-free - in all your relationships?

  • What if you fully understood how to manage your emotional and physical needs to enhance all of your relationships - so that you feel heard and supported on every level?
Feeling confident is the key to moving forward in life. Sometimes when we encounter pain in past relationships we judge the new people who enter our life - so they really don't have a chance.

Sometimes these judgments hold us back from fully embracing life. Holding onto pain keeps you stuck. Does this happen to you? Are you holding back from fully loving yourself and others?

 Have You Given Up on Finding Your Soulmate?

"Love is the most sought after feeling - yet it can't be properly felt until you clear your emotions and be true to yourself. Then and only then, will you truly experience your truest level of love for yourself - and with your soulmate." Jacqui Olliver

How to Find Your Soulmate

Dynamic 1 Day Workshop

Are You FED UP with Settling for Less, Doubting Yourself & Feeling ALONE?
Then you need to be at this workshop!

Life Changing Workshop Intensive
Sunday 10th October 2010 from 10am - 3.30pm

3 Dynamic Experts - Presenting Together (click on photo for short bio)

Wayne Morgan Soul Destiny Star Relations Strategist Jacqui Olliver Soul Destiny Star Natalie Zeigler
Wayne Morgan
Metaphysical Teacher
Relationship Guidance
  Jacqui Olliver
Relations Strategist
Consulting Healer
  Natalie Zeigler
Conscious Relationships
Expert Connector

- Wayne Morgan is one of the founders of the Soul Destiny Foundation
- Jacqui Olliver from nHarmony specialises in Emotional, Sensual and Relationship Healing
- Natalie Zeigler has Conscious Connecting; and All-Love Healing with husband Patrick Zeigler

Your Investment is ONLY:
$67 for Early Bird Tickets

or Pay $100 at the door
This workshop will be held at Youthline in the 'Waitakere Room' (upstairs) - 14 Maidstone Cresent, Ponsonby.

To pay by online banking or cash, please phone (09) 521 7009

Buy Now to Guarantee Your Seat!

To guarantee your seat, buy your tickets now. Seating is limited!
This workshop will be held at Youthline in the 'Waitakere Room' (upstairs) - 14 Maidstone Cresent, Ponsonby.

We promise there is no fluff - just straight answers to get you the results you want. Make a decision based on where you want to be. If you're feeling a little anxious or nervous, that's a good thing. Because it shows you are ready to step forward and grow to a new level.

It's never convenient, you're never really ready or totally comfortable. Listent to your gut and take committed action. It's time to believe in yourself. A good way to tune in to you - if you're feeling really stuck and not able to stick it out and stay in lasting relationships, then you need to really really take a look at the writing - because this could be just the thing to finally break through and get you the love and peace you need.

Especially if you want to feel more connected this Christmas, now is the time to start working on clearing yourself - so you will be ready to attract your ideal soulmate. Take advantage of the energy of the New Year to really grow yourself and become the confident and happy person you want to be. Invest in yourself now - you have to get your clearing done before then so you can be ready; and have all the pieces in place. This workshop is actually perfect timing for you.

So plan ahead, based on the results you want to create in your life. The more you invest in yourself and really take the steps you need to grow - even if they're uncomfortable or nerve-wracking, or inconvenient - the more you expand your ability to receive. Your investment in you is going to keep paying you back over the years, in the peace and happiness you will experience in all of your relationships.

There are various payment options available for you, to make it even easier - and remember, you go into the draw for a BONUS session of your choice with Wayne, Jacqui or Natalie (or all of us) This is a valuable opportunity for your growth and well-being. Remember you can save $33 by buying your tickets now, instead of on the day.

You can be sure you will be getting great value. For alternative payment methods please phone: (09) 521 7009.

One of the secrets to feeling confident in life is making clear, quick decisions to where you want to go - really connecting with the results you want, the goal you have - and taking steps to get you there.

Buy Now to Guarantee Your Seat!

We are committed to helping you get all the support you need to make a powerful choice for yourself. It is really up to you - and we are committed to giving you all the support so you can really see clearly the decision for yourself, to empower yourself. We believe in you, and we honour you for whatever your decision is. Know that we are thrilled to support you. We are so excited to support you to feel connected and whole in your relationships.

So thank you for reading this - and thank you for the value you bring to the world. In reading this far, it really shows us you are committed to standing up for yourself - and making room for the love and peace that you deserve. And that's what matters most. So thank you again - we look forward to seeing you at the workshop :-)

If you have any questions (or concerns) please email Jacqui: or phone her on (09) 480 7981. For alternative payment methods please phone (09) 521 7009. We hope to meet you in person soon!

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